Yes, the price is correct. The Dacia Duster starts at just £9495. Oh, and you can get it as a four-wheel drive, and a diesel and both together...

The Sunday Telegraph said last year "The sticker price is so low it is hard to believe the vendors are not having you on. An all-in charge of £9495 for the cheapest two-wheel-drive version is about the same you would expect to pay for a bargain-basement supermini such as a Kia Picanto or Hyundai i10, not a full five-seater SUV"


There are 3 derivatives, Access, Ambiance and Laureate and a choice of a 1.6 16v petrol or a dCi 110 diesel in either two- or four-wheel drive. The standard 3 Year/60000 mile warranty can be extended to up to 7 years and there are a range of accessories available to personalise your vehicle.

New Duster is available to test drive at our showrooms. Please ring us on 08433 201856 to make an appointment.