Renault ZOE is exempt from car tax. It is also exempt from congestion charges. And if its a company car, you do not pay benefit in kind and can write down the entire cost in the first year.

It can travel 100 miles on less than £3 of fuel. It has superb , stepless acceleration and runs almost silently.

It emits no carbon dioxide or environmentally harmful pollutants. And it comes with amazing new technology, such as the smartphone app that allows you to preheat or air condition the interior.

But despite being the most technologically advanced B-segment car on the planet, its on-the-road price is just £13445 including a home charging unit.


Price now includes a fully fitted home charging unit

ZOE is Renault's solution to Zero Emission mobility for all. In addition to being a first class choice for everyday use and readily affordable (from just £13,445 in the UK after the deduction of the Plug-in Car Grant) ZOE is the first pure-electric car to be designed from the ground up as such. ZOE is packed with the latest technology and boasts no fewer than six world premieres geared to enhancing user-friendliness, range and connectivity.
For the first time, the conditions necessary for the widespread roll-out of electric vehicles are well and truly in place.
Unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Renault ZOE went on sale in June 2013. Its launch marks the beginning of a new era: an era of electric vehicles for all.

‘Vehicle pricing and offers quoted are subject to availability of Government Plug in Car Grant of 35%, up to a maximum of £5,000’

ZOE's world premiere features

1. The first mass-market electric vehicle with a price from just £13,445.
2. The first mass-market electric vehicle with a range of more than 100 miles (NEDC ).
3. The first vehicle to be equipped as standard with 'Range OptimiZEr, a system designed to improve real-world range under all driving conditions. For example, in suburban use the owner will achieve between 62 and 93 miles.
4. The first electric vehicle capable of being charged at any level of power – in between 30 minutes and nine hours – thanks to the Chameleon charger.
5. The first electric vehicle to enable the massive roll-out of fast-charging stations, which are easier and up to four times cheaper for local governments.
6. The first Renault vehicle to be presented with Renault R-Link, a multimedia system featuring a seven-inch touch screen tablet, navigation and connected services.

Style imbued with purity and emotion

Designed as a pure-electric car from the ground up, ZOE is a sleek supermini with fluid lines. Its agile, dynamic looks express driving enjoyment, while its signature headlights feature LEDs that permanently light up recesses situated either side of the front air intake. Like Twingo and Twizy, ZOE features the Renault brand's new design identity.

Electric mobility for all, from just £13,445

Today, for the first time, it is possible to buy an electric vehicle at a price comparable to that of a diesel-engined city car in markets where tax incentives are available. For example:
- In the UK (Government Plug-in Car Grant subsidy is available for up to 25% of the car's purchase price up to a maximum of £5,000), prices for ZOE after the grant deduction will start from just £13,445 In the UK, mandatory monthly battery hire costs from £70 (7,500 miles/36 month contract), inclusive of comprehensive breakdown assistance (which covers running out of charge).

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How battery hire makes sense

It's simple and unique to Renault: you buy the vehicle and hire the battery. That makes your Z.E more affordable and gives Renault the chance to offer you high levels of reassurance and peace of mind whilst driving your new Z.E.

  • No worries – complete 24/7 roadside assistance, even if you run out of charge.
  • You only pay for what you need – you tell us how many miles you’ll do and how long you’d like to keep your ZE; we personalise your battery hire monthly payment to your own individual requirements.
  • Battery performance is guaranteed to at least 75% of it’s original charge capacity. If not, we’ll repair or replace it
  • You enjoy your Z.E. while we keep its heart healthy. It’s that easy.