When it comes to the crunch....

There are many insurance options open to you, but in the event of an accident you have the final choice of WHERE and HOW your car is repaired.

Many insurance companies will try to convince you that the best place to take your vehicle is to their own bodyshop. Why? Because they want to control the cost and method of repair, but can they guarantee that ŠKODA genuine parts are being used?

In general, insurance bodyshops will work on many different makes of vehicle and don’t specialise. Only ŠKODA Approved Accident Repair Centres meet ŠKODA’s rigorous standards for service and quality and they can ensure your car and warranty are fully protected.

By opting for a ŠKODA Approved Bodyshop, you can be assured of a constant level of quality and service, regardless of your insurer.

Know your rights: You have the right to demand that your ŠKODA is taken to a ŠKODA Approved Bodyshop where it will be repaired to ŠKODA's original specification using genuine ŠKODA parts.

Our ŠKODA Approved Bodyshop can be contacted on 01473 747868 (24 hrs)