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Bristo's ŠKODA is helping its customers to increase their knowledge of tyre safety and encouraging them to check their tyres regularly.

The technicians at Bristo's have first-hand experience of seeing many examples of poor tyre condition. It is important to us that we help our customers fully understand the importance of safety, especially during the cold winter months.

Vehicle technology has improved significantly over recent years, particularly in the area of driver and passenger safety. Whilst anti-lock brakes, air bags, seatbelt pre-tensioning and ESP are common on most modern vehicles, the humble tyre is still perhaps the most important safety feature of all and we want our customers to be completely informed of this safety aspect.

At anytime of year, ŠKODA drivers can have their tyres, including the spare, checked for free at Bristo's. If a tyre needs replacing then we can carry out most tyre replacements on the spot from as little as an extremely competitive £39.

ŠKODA drivers will be informed that they need to be aware of tyre pressure, tyre wear (including full details of tyre tread depths) and any damage to their tyres which might have come as result of something as simple as kerbing. You will also be made aware that stopping distances increase substantially in wet or freezing weather and that a healthy set of tyres is essential for driver and passenger safety. Please view this video that illustrates the effect of reducing tread depth:

Customers will also be reminded that the condition of the spare tyre should not be overlooked as, if the spare tyre has been used in the past (either for a roadside repair or as part of a tyre rotation exercise), it may not be suitable for winter driving. Bristo's ŠKODA knows exactly the right tyre for every ŠKODA – not just size, but load index and speed rating – ensuring that their customers will receive the correct tyre every time. For further information on tyre safety or to make an appointment for your free check contact Bristo's ŠKODA on 01473 325300.