Winter Tyres from Bristo’s

When winter comes, you need to get a grip. After all, there’s only a footprint-size area of rubber on each of your tyres that’s actually in contact with the road.

That’s why we offer a whole range of winter tyres for you to choose from, thoughtfully selected by us from some of the best-known and most trusted brands. We also offer expert fitting advice, so you can be sure you’ve got the right tyres for the job.

A chilling thought

When the temperature drops to 7°C or lower, your ordinary tyres start to suffer. The rubber reacts badly to the cold, and gripping and braking performance is not as good as it should be.

Add in a bit of snow or ice, and what used to be your stopping distance can easily become your not-stopping distance.

Fitting winter tyres from our range to your ŠKODA during the winter months can make a big difference to your safety on the road. To see how much of a difference view the video:

A cure for baldness

Bald or worn tyres are dangerous in good weather, and downright deadly in winter. Not to mention being illegal, of course.

We can check if your tread’s wearing a little thin. Then, if any of your tyres do need replacing, we can recommend the right size and speed rating – based on the latest information from ŠKODA – to ensure you get the best and safest handling and performance.

And at Bristo’s we have a wide range of tyres for you to choose from, at prices that are far from hair-raising.