Spare wheel, tyre & fitting kits now available for your ŠKODA from Bristo's

It's now becoming the "norm" for car manufacturers (including ŠKODA) to supply an emergency puncture repair kit instead of a spare tyre with their vehicles. Using this temporary repair method can have it's convenience, however it's really only suitable for punctures less than 4mm wide, and the spray glue also has a sell-by date. On occassions this has left drivers stranded after having a puncture, and necessitated a recovery service to get them home.

We're pleased to be able to offer ŠKODA drivers the option of purchasing a spare wheel kit for added peace of mind. This comprises of a spare wheel, tyre, car jack, wrench and wheel holder - and depending on the model can start from just £160 including VAT. We'll also fit this into your car free of charge as well as carry out a visual health check.

If you'd like to arrange a booking simply call us on 01473 325300.